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Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed carry
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Concealed Carry

In the state of Illinois, there are certain criteria you must meet in order to be eligible - under the law - to possess and carry a concealed weapon. In the coming months, Elam Private Detective Agency will offer state-certified classes on the proper, lawful possession of concealed carry weapons and how it may impact you. We’ll discuss topics such as: 

  • Proper Age: Applicants must be 21 years or older 
  • Firearm Owner’s Identification Card: the application process and government regulations for purchasing and receiving firearms 

Criminal Record, Legal Standing, and Rehabilitation - There are instances when a person will be denied a concealed carry license due to their criminal and rehabilitation status - both inside and outside the state.

Fully licensed and insured in Illinois.

At the Elam Private Detective Agency, these are the words we live by to safeguard the interests of our clients. Our agency is fully-staffed by highly-trained professional investigators and ex-law enforcement personnel whose only interests are superior service.

We have the skills, background, and investigative experience to handle a wide variety of cases with the passion, dedication, and intelligence necessary for a successful presentation of fact. We specialize in many areas of legal, business, and social investigation including: workers compensation cases, insurance matters, financial crimes, thefts, burglaries, child custody, assault and battery, harassment, misconduct, romantic involvement, and much more.  

Whether you are the defendant, plaintiff, petitioner, or respondent in connection with a case, you’ll need our agency by your side. Our investigators will work with you to discern your specific needs, and gather evidence on your behalf to strengthen your case. We are also a fully-licensed and insured agency and will soon offer educational classes on Concealed Carry laws within the state of Illinois. 

Asset Investigations

At the Elam Private Detective Agency, we can assist with comprehensive asset investigations as well. We service every case - from the most common to the most complex - with discretion and thorough research. Our services include:

  • Basic investigations: Elam Private Detective Agency will help lenders with challenged loans by providing the following: pictures, observation AND condition of assets, surround area, and borrower activities.
  • In Depth Investigation – This service also includes all of the basic investigation techniques plus contacting borrowers as the lenders agent and inspecting the asset (serial number, property condition, etc).

Whatever your needs, trust the Elam Private Detective Agency to be your eyes, your voice, and your representative when you need us the most.  

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